What Is Fantasy Basketball (And How Using NFTs Makes the Game Better)

Welcome to Playible’s fantasy sports platform! Here you’ll be able to enter free fantasy basketball contests to win $USDC and other cryptocurrency or NFT prizes.

Below is our guide on how to play fantasy basketball on Playible’s web-enhanced platform using Athlete NFTs.

What Is Fantasy Basketball?

Traditional season-long fantasy basketball is a game where owners manage a roster of players from all 30 teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). They choose which players start each week in their lineups, and those players earn fantasy points based on their performance in real-world games.

Traditional daily fantasy basketball is a similar game, but owners select which players they want on their team each week based on a changing salary cap. They do not have the same players each week as they do in season-long games.

Playible’s version of fantasy basketball utilizes blockchain and NFT technologies to create a new, more interactive, more fun way to play the game. Contests are free to enter each week, as long as you have Athlete NFTs, which are available for purchase from Starter Packs (mint here) and on secondary marketplaces (like Paras).

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Playible’s fantasy basketball contests are set up similarly to other daily fantasy sports (DFS) sites, like DraftKings and FanDuel, but you’ll need to own Athlete NFTs to play each player, instead of using a salary cap. That means not everyone will be able to play LeBron James or Nikola Jokic. Only the players who own LeBron James or Nikola Jokic NFTs will be able to use them.

What Is a Fantasy Basketball Lineup?

You’ll need a full 8-man lineup to compete in Playible’s weekly contests. Each lineup will include:

  • 1 Point Guard (PG)
  • 1 Shooting Guard (SG)
  • 1 Small Forward (SF)
  • 1 Power Forward (PF)
  • 1 Center (C)
  • 1 Guard (PG, SG)
  • 1 Forward (SF, PF)
  • 1 Flex (PG, SG, SF, PF, C)

How Do I Know What Position My Athlete NFT Plays?

Every player will have one specified position based on Playible’s sports data provider. If a player is listed as a point guard, he can be used in the point guard, guard, or flex spots. He will not be able to be played at the other positions.

Each available position is specified below:

  • Point Guard (PG)
  • Shooting Guard (SG)
  • Small Forward (SF)
  • Power Forward (PF)
  • Center (C)

How Do Athlete NFTs Score Fantasy Points?

Athlete NFTs score fantasy points based on their on-court activity. Below is a chart of our scoring system:

Statistic Fantasy Points
Point =+1 FP
Made 3-Point Shot =+0.5 FPs (bonus)
Rebound =+1.25 FPs
Assist =+1.5 FPs
Steal =+2 FPs
Block =+2 FPs
Turnover -0.5 FPs
Double-Double =+1.5 FPs (bonus)
Triple-Double =+3 FPs (bonus)

*FPs = Fantasy Points

*Double-Double = 10+ in at least two categories (points, rebounds, assists, blocks, or steals)

*Triple-Double = 10+ in at least three categories (points, rebounds, assists, blocks, or steals)

How Long Do Playible’s Fantasy Basketball Contests Last?

Playable’s fantasy basketball contests will last one full week. The majority of them will start on Monday night or Friday night and end on Monday morning or Friday morning.

Note that certain players will play more games than other players during that week-long stretch. This is part of the game strategy.

Athlete NFTs will be locked in the contest once you’re entered. You will not be able to enter the same Athlete NFT in multiple contests each week.

Once the contests for that week are complete, your Athlete NFT can be unlocked. If you won, you’ll be manually paid out by our team.