How to Play Fantasy Cricket on Playible (Using NFTs)

Welcome to Playible’s cricket fantasy platform! Here, you can participate in free fantasy cricket contests and win prizes in $USDC.

What Is Playible’s Fantasy Cricket?

In Playible’s Fantasy Cricket, you manage a lineup of real cricketers. You choose who plays and who doesn’t, and you receive points based on their real-life game performance. We’ve revolutionized fantasy sports by bringing it to the digital world, incorporating blockchain and NFT technologies for an innovative and interactive experience.

Our games operate similarly to other Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites, such as DraftKings or FanDuel, but you’ll need to own a player’s NFT to play with them. This means not everyone can play with top players like Joe Root or Babar Azam.

What Is a Fantasy Cricket Lineup?

To compete in Playible’s weekly contests, you need a complete 12-man lineup. Your lineup will have players from different cricketing roles.

Start with two bowlers.

Next, choose one wicketkeeper.

Then, pick two batsmen, followed by two all-rounders.

Finally, the remaining five slots can be filled with any players you choose, irrespective of their roles.

Players on Playible can only play in the role shown on their NFT. So, if a player’s NFT says they’re a batsman, they can only play that role, no matter where they play in real life.

How Do Athlete NFTs Score Fantasy Points?

There are several ways to score points in our fantasy cricket contests. Players earn points for their specific stats, based on their roles.

Here’s a breakdown of how these NFTs score points:


Stat Points Awards
Runs 0.5 FPs
Boundary Hit 0.5 FPs
Six Bonus 1 FPs
Half-Century Bonus 4 FPs
Century Bonus 8 FPs
Dismissal for Duck -2 FPs


Stat Points Awards
Wicket 10 FPs
4 Wicket Bonus 4 FPs
5 Wicket Bonus 8 FPs
Maiden Over 4 FPs


Economy Rate (Minimum 2 Overs)

Stat Points Awards
Below 4 Runs 3 FPs
Between 4 to 5 Runs 2 FPs
Between 5 to 6 Runs 1 FPs
Between 9 to 10 Runs -1 FPs
Between 10 to 11 Runs -2 FPs
Above 11 Runs -3 FPs

Strike Rate (Minimum 20 Balls)

Stat Points Awards
Between 60 to 70 -1 FPs
Between 50 to 60 -2 FPs
Below 50 -3 FPs


How Long Do Playible’s Fantasy Cricket Contests Last?

Our main fantasy contests typically run for two to three days and are adjusted according to the cricket tournament schedule.

You cannot enter multiple contests with an individual NFT. At the end of the contest, your Athlete NFTs will unlock, and you can enter a new contest.

What Happens if Matches Are Suspended, Postponed, or Shortened?

Players will only get points for matches played during the contest week. Players will also get points for the part of the match they played.

Prize Pools

During the Indian Premier League, Playible has three total contests with ₹150,000 in total prizes. This will be paid out via $USDC to winners.