Next-Gen Fantasy Sports on NEAR
Playible is an NFT fantasy sports platform focused on bridging the gap between web3 technologies and traditional gaming markets to offer free-to-enter fantasy sports contests with real cryptocurrency prizes.
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How to Play

Purchase a Pack

Starter Packs are your entryway into the Playible gaming ecosystem. Each pack contains enough Athlete NFTs to build one complete fantasy team. Booster Packs contain additional Athlete NFTs to help bolster your squad.

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Enter Contests for Free

Once you’ve collected enough Athlete NFTs to build a fantasy team, you can enter our contests for FREE on both desktop and mobile devices. There are no entry costs. And prizes are paid out in $USDC, a fully-backed stablecoin.

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Collect $USDC for Winning

Once you’ve entered a contest, you’ll compete against other players over the course of a week to score the most total fantasy points. If you finish the week at the top of the leaderboard, you’ll earn $USDC, claimable directly after the contests end.

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Buy, Sell, Trade Athletes

If you don’t win, don’t worry! Athlete NFTs have enough uses for an entire season. And you can add uses in our freeroll contests. You can also buy, sell, and trade new Athlete NFTs on the secondary marketplace to try to win the next week.

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Our Team

Michael Vehtic

Experience: Australia’s National Rugby League (NRL), Rugby League World Cup

Jason Bales

Experience: Lucky Trader, FantasyGuru, PlayUSA, Lady Freethinker

Matthew Seaver

Experience: Anteriore Inc. (including 30  employees), edamama, Django, React

Justin Bales

Experience: Sports Illustrated, Pro Football Network, DFS Karma, Rotoballer

Meet Our Family

Playible is proud to be connected to some of the most well respected and influential investors and partners in the web3 community. Together, we are building the future of fantasy sports on NEAR. We are forever grateful to our OG investors and partners (Hartmann Capital, Grizzly Capital, Intrlnkd Capital, and Big Brain Holdings). And we can’t wait to expand our family in the near future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What sports can we play?
How do you plan on preventing whales from just buying the winning teams?