Playible Launches Community Contests on NEAR

In an effort to bring together digital communities through friendly fantasy sports competition, Playible is launching fun, new Community Contests on NEAR Protocol.

Community Contests are designed to provide value for partnered web3 projects and protocols by offering exclusive prizes and rewards for participating in Playible’s burgeoning gaming ecosystem.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, an NFT project or other such digital community partners with Playible. In this example, we’ll use Secret Skellies Society, a global and community-based PFP project built on NEAR Protocol.
  2. Once the partnership is finalized, Secret Skellies Society provides Playible with a snapshot of their holders and a list of matching wallet addresses. Those wallet addresses will have access to exclusive Secret Skellies Society contests on Playible’s gaming platform.
  3. The Secret Skellies Society community, if they haven’t already, can then claim their 2 FREE Soulbound Starter Packs from They can also purchase non-Soulbound Starter Packs or Athlete NFTs from a secondary marketplace.
  4. Using the Athlete NFTs in their wallets (open the Starter Packs!), Secret Skellies Society can enter whitelisted contests with cryptocurrency, NFT, and other prizes provided by Secret Skellies Society and Playible.
  5. Each week, a new contest will be introduced and new prizes will be on offer.

This creates a fun environment for digital communities to compete against each other at zero cost to the community.

Roadmap 2023

As communities from NEAR Protocol and beyond partner with Playible to provide their communities with a free, fun gaming ecosystem, we hope to see interactions between these communities.

Creating an environment in which digital communities can play and interact is crucial to cultivating a space where people actually want to spend their time. Not because it earns them money (it might, through prizes and rewards), but because it’s enjoyable.

To facilitate this environment, Playible plans on creating community vs community contests down the road. The top wallet from each community will battle it out for bigger and better prizes.

This is only the beginning. Playible will continue to innovate and promote a true, sustainable, lively, and competitive digital gaming space on NEAR.

Which Projects & Protocols Are Currently Partnered?

  • Secret Skellies Society
  • Fantasy Basketball International
  • Many more announcements to come soon!